What If I Win The Lottery

Texas Lottery Anonymous The odds for winning the lottery are one in a million or a hundred million depending on the ticket you buy. That’s why some winners lose their minds when it dawns on them just how much money they have made after winning a lottery. But there are certain things you need to […]

Houston Real Estate Development Attorney

Real Estate Attorneys Houston Individuals and businesses that develop shopping centers, multi-use buildings, office buildings, factories, and other commercial properties have to conduct a number of transactions. These transactions are complicated by zoning laws, creditors, and other federal and state statutes. An experienced Houston real estate development attorney understands the importance of protecting your real […]

Can Creditors Take My Lottery Money

Can Creditors Take Your Lottery Winnings Winning the lottery is one of the most exciting and life changing moments that can happen to you. But winning the lottery when you owe someone money or are in debt presents the risk of you losing all that money or a significant portion of it. If someone that […]

Property Tax Dispute Lawyer

Property Tax Attorney Houston Local governments in Texas impose property taxes on any tangible personal property that produces income. The overall value of the personal property producing income is what determines the amount paid in taxes. Some personal property or business personal property that can be taxed includes equipment, items, and inventories.  Business personal property […]

Shell Corporations

Shell Corporation Shell corporations are businesses that are created to hold funds and manage financial transactions of other entities. These corporations do not have substantial assets, employees, or active operations, and they do not provide customers with products or services. Entities can use shell corporations as legal tools for the following: For business transactions  To […]

Cease And Desist Letters

Response To Cease And Desist Letter Defamation You should not panic when you receive a cease and desist letter. A cease and desist letter is simply a warning that you are likely to face a lawsuit if you continue a certain harmful action. It is also a sign there is an opportunity to settle the […]

Adverse Possession In Texas

Texas Adverse Possession Adverse possession is a legal principle that outlines what conditions a party needs to meet in order to claim another person’s property through continuous possession or use. A person can only claim a right to a property through adverse possession if they meet the requirements described by the law. For example, the […]

Quiet Title In Texas

Suit To Quiet Title Texas  A suit to quiet title is a legal procedure to establish a person’s right to ownership of real property against other adverse claimants. It helps clarify the ownership and validity of contracts or liens on a piece of property. An action to quiet title is different from a trespass to […]

Equitable Remedies In Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

Equitable Contract People, businesses, or organizations sign contracts all the time. In fact, simply ordering staplers for your business is actually entering into a contract with the company that will supply the staplers.  Once you pay for the delivered items you have fulfilled your side of the contract. However, contract breaches involving relationships such as […]

Forming An LLC In Texas

How to Get an LLC In Texas Whether you are starting an LLC in Texas, or trying to get your LLC Online, deciding which formal entity is right for your company when you are starting a business in Texas is not always easy. Texas LLC Application Many entrepreneurs choose LLCs as business entities because they […]