Texas LLC Operating Agreements

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In the video below, Attorney Tommy Holmes discusses a few of the factors that you should consider when creating your Tx LLC Operating Agreement. With so much riding on your LLC Agreement, you should always consult a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction who focuses on business law.

Video Notes:

A Texas LLC Operating Agreement should…

  • Identify the members and their respective degrees of ownership
  • State whether the LLC is managed by the members or by managers, and if by managers,
  • The names of each manager
  • Describe capital accounts and the capital contribution of each member
  • Describe how the LLC will deal with loans from members, additional capital contributions and deficit balances in capital accounts
  • Describe how meetings will be called,
  • Describe member voting rights and procedures
  • Describe the powers, numbers and election of managers, if applicable
  • Describe regular and special meetings of managers and their voting rights
  • Described manager’s compensation, liability and indemnification issues
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of the tax matters partner
  • Describe the duties and responsibilities of the officers
  • Describe the company’s policy regarding allocations and distributions
  • Describe how books and records, tax returns and bank accounts will be managed
  • Describe how transfers of interest may, or may not, be made
  • Outline a procedure for dissolution of the company

Additionally, the LLC Operating Agreement should be signed by all members, and read in its entirety by each member. The Agreement should be signed under the advise of individual counsel.

You should also consider avoiding any situation where you are signing a “form” agreement or “one size fits all” LLC Operating Agreement, as each LLC is likely to have unique legal requirements.

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