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For oil and gas companies in Houston and surrounding areas, working with an an oil and gas lawyer is not an option; it is absolutely integral to maintaining the integrity of your operations and mitigating legal fallout. At our law offices, we have the skill set and history of securing favorable outcomes for our clients that your company is looking for, and we are ready to aid your business in its growth and success. We will ensure compliance with the Texas Oil, Gas, and Mineral laws.

Our Oil and Gas Practice Areas

We help local and international businesses protect their oil and gas interests, both onshore and offshore. Our Houston oil and gas practice areas include:

Oil and Gas Royalty Rights

● Royalty, Mineral, and land rights (for individuals and companies). Mineral and surface rights are an integral part of the operation of an oil and gas company. Our experienced oil and gas lawyers can advise you on Texas’ statutory laws regarding mineral and land rights, the severing of ownership of rights, mineral leasing, and other agreements associated with the purchase, lease, or use of land. We also conduct due diligence inspections for our clients and draft Oil & Gas Title Opinions

Royalty Disputes

● Royalty disputes. Conflicts often surface between oil, gas, and mineral interest owners, operators and beneficiaries. Typically, these disputes are founded in confusing or potentially invalid contracts. We can help oil and gas companies establish and defend fair contracts. We always advocate for royalty dispute resolution without litigation to save our clients time and money.

Oil & Gas Lease Agreements

● Oil and gas lease agreements. We find that detailed lease agreements are essential for an oil and gas company’s operation and acquisition of said substances. We can aid you in the negotiation of a fair oil and gas lease agreement, including all issues related to the agreement such as environmental issues, storage of oil and gas, liability for damage to land, equipment installation, breach of contract, etc.

Oil & Gas Title Opinions

● Our attorneys also draft Oil and Gas Title Opinions.

In addition to the above practice areas, we can also assist oil and gas companies with land acquisition, title issues, compliance with environmental law, employee and labor law matters, property disputes, and more. We understand the sensitive nature of many issues related to oil and gas, and promise to represent your company with the level of proficiency and delicacy that it deserves.

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Texas Oil and gas law is quite complex, and it is important that your business protect itself with proper legal representation. Whether you are looking for general counsel, or require project specific oil and gas legal represetation, our Houston oil and gas lawyers are ready to help.