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Our Houston real estate lawyers provide a wide range of real estate legal services to our clients, ranging from simple matters to more complex real estate litigation.

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With a firm understanding of Texas real estate laws, we can guide your business through all real estate matters, and will competently represent you during any disputes or litigation.

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We offer myriad real estate legal services to business throughout the state of Texas. These services include, but are not limited to:

● Contract review. We can draft or review all contracts related to a real estate transaction to ensure that they are legally sound and protect your best interests, including buy-sell agreements, commercial sales contracts, lease contracts, and more.

● Representing during closing, including In-House Closing. The closing process can be complicated, especially when commercial businesses are involved. Before closing day, we ensure that all documents are prepared and ready, that funds have been successfully transferred, and that there are no outstanding liens or title defects. We can also ensure that contingencies in contracts have been satisfied.

● Securing financing. Our Houston real estate lawyers can both represent you during the securement of financing for a real estate purchase, as well as assist you in understanding your the terms of a financing agreement, including your legal obligation to repay a loan.

● Land use and zoning. Land use and zoning issues are two of the largest issues that businesses acquiring real estate in Texas face. Our attorneys are extremely competent in their knowledge of all land use and zoning laws, and will advise you accordingly.

● Real estate litigation. We do everything we can to resolve all real estate disputes out of court. However, when settlements cannot be reached, we realize that litigation is often times the only means of resolution. If you are involved in real estate litigation, we will successfully pursue or defend your case.

● Eminent domain. Eminent domain is a legal practice under which the government can seize private property for the good of public use. If your business needs to acquire property, or defend its property from seizure, we will advocate for you.

● Liens, deeds, and titles. Finally, it is imperative that all businesses acquiring property ensure that deeds and titles are cleared of liens or other defects prior to the finalization of a sale. We will investigate all existing problems to ensure titles and deeds are clear and ready to be transferred.

We also offer Escrow and Notary Services.

We represent business of all types, including international business who are interested in acquiring property in Texas.

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Our experienced Houston real estate attorneys are your best bet for avoiding legal conflicts and protecting your best interests. With all real estate transactions, it is highly advised to seek the representation of an attorney who has experienced in real estate law. To schedule your free consultation with our talented Texas real estate lawyers today, call us directly, or request more information by filling out the form on our website.

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Real Estate Attorney FAQ

How much does a real estate attorney cost?

Most real estate attorneys will give you a free consultation over the phone. Ultimately, how much you pay your attorney is going to depend on the complexity of the underlying legal issue. Click here if you'd like to learn more.

Where is a real estate attorney near me?

Check out the map embedded on this page to find the nearest real estate law firm. Our office is centrally located in Houston, TX and we serve all 5 contiguous counties.

Do you help real estate investors and developers?

The Texas real estate market is active and has been for the last 2 decades. This means that we help large commercial developers and small real estate investors alike. We even help oil & gas companies, and we help land owners deal with them. If it has anything to do with Texas real estate, our attorneys can help.