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Our Fayette County and La Grange Tx Business Attorneys will help you protect company assets, manage employees, and minimize the risk of litigation in your business transactions.

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It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business owner or your business is an industry leader, you need a business lawyer.  Your lawyer can also help you when a business deal goes bad or when you are facing a partnership dispute.

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Fayette County Business Attorney Services

La Grange Lawyer Fayette CountyYou need an experienced business lawyer when:

  • You are forming a businessWhen forming a business, you need legal advice on choosing a business entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.), and even picking a name for your business. Your lawyer can also help you form partnerships, handle intellectual property, and draft shareholder agreements.
  • You are conduction business transactions: Business transactions with other businesses or individuals are full of legal risks. You need your lawyer to guide you through mergers, acquisitions and mergers,  and restructurings. Legal representation is also important when you are acquiring assets, real estate, or equipment.
  • You are involved in business litigation (suing or getting sued): It’s not uncommon for a business to face a lawsuit from a customer or another business for various reasons.  Businesses also have to contend with theft of trade secrets, fraud, temporary restraining orders, dishonest trade practices, and more.
  • You want to protect trade secrets and Intellectual Property:  Your Fayette business lawyer can draft agreements that protect your trade secrets, technology, trademarks, and copyrights.  Other things your lawyer can work on include NDAs, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, and more.
  • You are constructing something: If you are constructing business premises or investing in real estate, you will need legal advice on construction contracts, supply contracts, architect contracts,  joint bid agreements, and more. You also need someone knowledgeable about OSHA claims and liquidated damages.

These are just a few areas where an experienced business lawyer in Fayette County will be helpful.  Note that a business lawyer is not just supposed to inform you about the benefits but also the pitfalls of your business decisions.

La Grange Lawyer Cost & Fees – Fayette County Attorneys

Some business owners avoid consulting lawyers because they believe their businesses are too small or that business lawyers are too expensive.

But consider the cost your business may have to bear in the event that you have to sue another entity or when you are facing a lawsuit yourself. Some of these legal situations can be mitigated before they happen by doing the right things when making deals or when starting your business.

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Please note that if your business legal matter has to go to trial, costs & fees may increase. Give us a call and we can talk more about fee structure.  A business lawyer calculates how much to charge you when they first meet you.  Your lawyer may ask for a retainer that they can draw from when they start working for you.

An experienced Fayette County lawyer will help you understand how the law can impact your business objectives and bottom line. This can help you make better decisions for your business.