J1 Visa Extension

Extending J1 Visa

J 1 Visa Extension Beyond 5 Years

J-1 visa holders can apply to have their J-1 visa term extended if it is about to expire.  You can only have a successful application for an extension if you have a justifiable reason.  For instance, people who have not completed their training or still have some work can apply for this extension.

Justifiable Reasons For A J-1 Visa Extension

How To Extend J1 Visa

You can also get an extension in the following ways:

You extend your stay for 30 days after the J-1 visa term expires to prepare for departure. You don’t have to apply for an extension because there is a 30-day grace period after the J-1 visa expires.

  1. Your J-1 term can be extended after you apply for an extension if you apply before the duration expires
  2. When a J-1 visa category is changed, the original term may be extended.  The change must be consistent and closely related to what the J-1 visa was originally issued for. The program sponsor can apply for a change of category electronically and ensure that there is a justification for that change.
  3. Research scholars and professors can get an extension if they have not completed their research program or project.  This is usually a six-month extension that is only allowed after a request from the J-1 visa holder. Another six-month extension may be possible if the Department of State applies for that extension, but documentation must be provided to show why the extension is necessary.

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Requirements For Applying For An Extension Of A J-1 Visa

Can J1 Visa Be Extended

J1 Visa ExtensionYou must be on a J-1 status to be able to apply for an extension. The program sponsor must also fill out the DS-2019 form, which is a document that identifies the designated sponsor and the exchange visitor.  All your documentation and your valid passport are also needed before an extension is granted.

The documents needed in this situation should show your financial capacity. That is your ability as a J-1 applicant to pay for living expenses and or tuition for a year.  Your financial ability is important because they want to know whether you can support yourself in a situation where the program sponsor is unable to support you financially.

You also need to present documents that show you have J-1 visa health insurance that covers the period of the extension. This also applies to your dependents who have a J2 visa status. These are just a few of the documents that you need to present.

You must Fill and submit forms DS-2019, I-94, and IAP-66.

What Is The J-1 Visa Term Extension Process?

J 1 Visa Extension Process

The program sponsor must review the documentation of the applicant to determine eligibility.  Then after the J-1 visa extension has been approved, the applicant must obtain a new DS-2019 form with an expiration date.  Note that the extension also covers the dependents of the J-1 visa who have a J2 status.

Each dependant will receive their own form DS-2019. The amount you will pay in terms of fees will be determined by your J-1 visa category. Contact a trusted attorney that can help answer any additional questions you might have.

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