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Houston Mediation Services

Legal Mediation Services Two or more disputing parties can reach a favorable resolution by participating in a powerful and effective negotiation during mediation. In mediation, a neutral third party facilitates the negotiation process between two disputing entities. The mediator’s role is not to direct the negotiations but to make the negotiation process seamless and effective. […]

HOA Attorney

HOA Attorney Houston Homeowners associations work to ensure that home owners in a community of homes such as townhomes, condominiums, subdivisions, or planned communities, stick to HOA standards. They have the authority to enforce regulations and collect assessments from homeowners. The HOA also takes care of the maintenance repairs of areas shared by community members. […]

Force Majeure Clauses In The State Of The Union: COVID-19 And Demonstrations

Force Majeure Clauses And COVID-19 Right now is a tumultuous time in our country and world. COVID-19 is a global pandemic that is critically impacting businesses around the world. Additionally, people are publicly protesting racial injustice in our country. All around our communities and cities, businesses are feeling the pressure of reduced or total loss […]

Texas Tortious Interference

Tortious Interference Texas When different businesses engage in heated competition, they are likely to take things too far. There have been many cases where interferes with the operations of a competing company in order to damage it or prevent it from carrying out its obligations. This kind of harmful action is what is referred to […]

Texas Business Torts

Business Torts Torts or tort law are laws that allow parties to sue for damages when they suffer an injury caused by another party’s negligent or harmful actions. The injury can be psychological, physical, or financial or in any other form that can be described as a loss. Personal injury and malpractice claims are also […]

Defenses To Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement Defenses You may be sued for using a trademark or service mark that is owned by another individual or business. Trademark laws give the owner of a trademark the exclusive rights to use that trademark. Businesses or individuals use trademarks to make their products or services distinguishable from other similar products or services. […]

What If I Win The Lottery

Texas Lottery Anonymous The odds for winning the lottery are one in a million or a hundred million depending on the ticket you buy. That’s why some winners lose their minds when it dawns on them just how much money they have made after winning a lottery. But there are certain things you need to […]

Houston Real Estate Development Attorney

Real Estate Attorneys Houston Individuals and businesses that develop shopping centers, multi-use buildings, office buildings, factories, and other commercial properties have to conduct a number of transactions. These transactions are complicated by zoning laws, creditors, and other federal and state statutes. An experienced Houston real estate development attorney understands the importance of protecting your real […]