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Percentage Of Work Related Electrocutions Involving Cranes

What Is The Most Common Cause Of Crane Related Fatalities

Cranes are a common sight in most construction projects, but you will find them in a number of heavy industries. People who work in construction or in offshore industries in Texas or in close proximity to cranes know just how imposing and huge cranes are. Their size alone can cause catastrophic accidents that may alter people’s lives significantly.

Many people have lost their loved ones in crane-related accidents caused in:

  • Construction accidents
  • Railroad accidents
  • Accidents at shipyards and ports

Your crane accident attorney in Texas can meticulously review your case and aggressively fight for your rights.

Liability In Crane Accidents

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When you are thinking about liability, you are looking for the party that is responsible for the accident.  In any crane accident, there can one or a multitude of responsible parties responsible. They include:

  • The manufacturer of the crane
  • The owner of the property where the crane is operated
  • The contractor or subcontractor
  • The person supervising or the foreman

Reasons Why Working With Cranes Is Dangerous

Crane Accidents Are Most Commonly Caused By

Crane Accident Attorney In TexasWorker deaths in Texas outnumber those in other states. It also has significantly more crane deaths than any state in the nation. People who work around or on cranes are at high risk of death or fatal injury because of the following dangers:

  • Equipment or objects being handled by a crane sometimes fall and strike a worker or other people below
  • Transportation incidents involve workers losing their lives because of a moving vehicle, equipment, or machinery. Transportation incidents involving cranes have led to fatalities for many workers

Almost half of worker-related deaths happen in the construction industry. Workers who operate cranes are more at risk right than workers that build and dismantle cranes.

Common Causes Of Crane Accidents

Crane Accident In Texas

Crane accidents are often caused by human error. Other common causes of crane accidents are:

  • Handling tools and equipment carelessly: A worker handling a crane carelessly can drop an object the crane was handling, which may cause deadly injuries for other workers.
  • Overloading the crane:  Cranes have weight limits that should not be exceeded. If you overload a crane, it may collapse or develop other serious mechanical problems.
  • Not assembling the crane properly: Cranes have to be built according to the instructions of the manufacturer.  Not following these instructions only make it more likely for the crane to fail catastrophically and cause serious injuries.
  • Failing to account for overhead powerlines:  Avoiding powerlines when operating or assembling a crane can help you avoid situations where operators and other workers get electrocuted.
  • Poorly trained crane operators: Crane operators must be trained properly and supervised when using the crane.  Inadequately trained operators can increase the chances of the crane getting into contact with powerlines.
  • Mechanical errors: these include defects on the crane and failures caused by wear and tear. Some crane parts that may lead to accidents if they don’t operate properly include wires and ropes, the pulley system, the center pin, brakes, hydraulic systems, and more. Crane parts can fail because of a lack of maintenance or manufacturing defects.

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