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Elements for Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract in Texas Before we can talk about BREACH of contract, we need to list the four elements of a Contract in Texas. Then we will look at the 4 elements of breach of contract. 4 Elements of a Contract The 4 elements of a contract are: mutual assent offer acceptance consideration In […]

Irrevocable Trusts

Irrevocable Trust Texas People often use trusts as a way to protect their assets or plan their estate.  When setting up a trust, you place your assets into the trust and then name a trustee to manage them on behalf of the beneficiaries of the trust. The two main types of trusts are revocable trusts […]

Executory Contracts

Executory Contract Real Estate Any contract in which the terms are set to be fully performed at a later date is an executory contract. Some examples of executory contracts include real estate deeds, development contracts, car lease, rental lease and more. In Texas, any contract that takes longer than 180 days is an executory contract. […]

Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

Breach Of Contract Texas When an individual or an entity you entered into a contract breaches that contract, you have every right to take legal action. The reason for this is that a contract breach can actually become a hindrance to the success of your business. An experienced business lawyer can help you litigate breach […]

Texas Medical Contracts

Medical Contract Lawyer Medical professionals seeking employment or are trying to establish a healthcare practice or own a medical practice often have to sign a number of contracts. Apart from ensuring that the contracts you sign are clear and enforceable, there are many other regulations that you also have to comply with. Contracts are meant […]

Texas Tortious Interference

Tortious Interference Texas When different businesses engage in heated competition, they are likely to take things too far. There have been many cases where interferes with the operations of a competing company in order to damage it or prevent it from carrying out its obligations. This kind of harmful action is what is referred to […]

Shell Corporations

Shell Corporation Shell corporations are businesses that are created to hold funds and manage financial transactions of other entities. These corporations do not have substantial assets, employees, or active operations, and they do not provide customers with products or services. Entities can use shell corporations as legal tools for the following: For business transactions  To […]

Cease And Desist Letters

Response To Cease And Desist Letter Defamation You should not panic when you receive a cease and desist letter. A cease and desist letter is simply a warning that you are likely to face a lawsuit if you continue a certain harmful action. It is also a sign there is an opportunity to settle the […]

Equitable Remedies In Breach Of Contract Lawsuit

Equitable Contract People, businesses, or organizations sign contracts all the time. In fact, simply ordering staplers for your business is actually entering into a contract with the company that will supply the staplers.  Once you pay for the delivered items you have fulfilled your side of the contract. However, contract breaches involving relationships such as […]

Muniment Of Title

Muniment Of Title Texas A muniment of title is a procedure used in place of full estate administration, but in this procedure there is no appointment of an administrator or an executor of the estate. A muniment of title simply allows a deceased person’s last will and testament to be treated as proof of title […]