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What Does the Title Company Do in a Tx Real Estate Transaction?

There are many parties to a real estate transaction, some more visible than others. One party is extremely important – the title company. What is the title company’s role? What is the title company’s responsibility? This article will visit these questions. Let’s discuss. Texas Real Estate Law 101 | by the Real Estate Lawyers in … Read More

What is the Texas Series LLC?

Are you looking for a business entity that offers the protection of an LLC with the flexibility to segregate and manage multiple investments? If so, you’ll want to read more about Texas Series LLCs. Our Texas LLC lawyer notes that “they are becoming increasingly popular among real estate investors in Texas,” who value the low … Read More

Employment Agreements: Importance Of, Common Types, Reasons For Drafting

Contracts come as one of the most important documents that govern every day life. Among other things, contracts can bind two individuals who want to get married, two or more individuals who agree to buy and sell property, or two individuals who want to initiate a working relationship. This article will discuss employment contracts or … Read More

Family Residential Contract Created By The Texas Real Estate Commission

Buying or selling a home could be complicated if one is unfamiliar with the process. This article will aim to familiarize the reader with that process and will discuss the most important segments of the One to Four Family Residential Contract by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Article 06 by Houston Real Estate Lawyers | … Read More

How to Review a Contract

Check twice before you sign! The Houston Business Lawyers help clients in Texas who are in need of business law representation. Call (832) 509-0445 for a free consultation. The Contract Review Checklist A contract is a document memorializing the set of terms mutually assented to by the parties to the alleged document or contract. A … Read More

Texas LLC Operating Agreements

If you are a business owner in Texas, understanding your LLC operating agreement is essential for protecting yourself and your company. An operating agreement sets the rules for how an LLC will be managed and outlines each member’s rights, liabilities, responsibilities and duties. It also defines what happens under certain circumstances—like if a member dies … Read More

How to Check LLC Name Availability In Texas

Are you interested in forming an LLC in the state of Texas? Knowing how to check LLC name availability is one important step on your path towards business success. As a business lawyer, I’m here to help guide you through that process and ensure that everything goes smoothly. If you need  help give our office … Read More

Houston Oil and Gas Attorneys

Our Houston Oil, Gas, and Energy Lawyers can help you with all of your Texas Mineral Law needs. Call (832) 509-0445 for a consultation. For oil and gas companies in Houston and surrounding areas, working with an an oil and gas lawyer is not an option; it is absolutely integral to maintaining the integrity of … Read More

Houston Business Formation Lawyer

Many clients contact us because they are staring a new business venture, and need to form a Texas LLC, Partnership, LLP, Corporation, or any other Texas business entity. We can help you choose the best business vehicle for your startup. Call (832) 509-0445 for a free consultation. While there are too many legal considerations to … Read More