Due Diligence in Oil & Gas Transactions

Due diligence is the process of gathering information and data about a potential venture and analyzing the data to ensure the consumer is receiving what they desire from the venture. At Holmes Law, PLLC. we conduct due diligence inspections and draft all requisite documents for oil and gas title opinions. Call (832) 509-0445 to speak to an Oil & Gas Lawyer.

Article by Elizabeth A. Opara, Legal Intern, Holmes Law, PLLC.

Due Diligence Checklist

In a due diligence checklist, created by Holmes Law, we have incorporated all significant data request and review stages to evaluate the risk that may be present in oil and gas transactions. So many people can avoid the pitfalls that are associated with oil and gas transactions by obtaining a lawyer, to assist with the process.

This unique process created by Holmes Law, supports the various objectives of our clients such as:

  1. purchasing or acquiring minerals,
  2. land contracts,
  3. production sharing agreements,
  4. prospective exploration needs, and many more objectives.

Transactional Review

Holmes Law will review every aspect of the transaction which may include:

  • well set up & quantity,
  • drill sight viability,
  • API numbers (which identify each well),
  • land use agreements,
  • surface agreements,
  • pipelines, easements, right of ways,
  • division orders, title opinions, and all other aspects of the venture.

Call Now

At first, this process may seem overwhelming, but we assure that everything we do at Holmes Law is to protect the interest of our clients in the most efficient and thorough way possible. Our clients are entrusted with the power of creating their own workable budget. This process ensures that we have an option for every client. In addition to creating the budget, we will also detail the scope of representation, which allows our clients to know exactly what we review in each transaction.

If you are interested in making sure that your oil and gas transaction goes smoothly without any surprise defects, feel free to call us at (832) 509-0445.