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Houston Medical Device Injury AttorneysMedical devices that do not meet the safety standards and guidelines required by the law, may cause injury or even death.  An experienced Houston medical device attorney can help you file a lawsuit and damage claims against the company that made a medical device that injured you or a loved one.  You can seek compensation for expenses such as lost wages, medical bills, and long-term care.

Medical devices can develop a defect during the design, testing, manufacture, or distribution stages. So, you need a Houston medical device injury attorney that has legal, technical, and financial resources to help them determine at what stage the defect appeared and identify the party responsible for the defect.

Previously Litigated Medical Injury Cases

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Some of the most recent medical device injury cases that have been litigated are related to the following medical devices:

  • Bear Hugger surgical warming blankets:  These self-inflating blankets are often used to keep patients warm during hip and knee replacement surgeries.  But there is evidence that they can expose the patient’s open wounds to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and germs that can cause serious infections.
  • Alloderm: Alloderm is made from skin tissue of cadavers. This patch is used to treat burn injuries and its used also for dental repairs, hernia repairs, and breast reconstruction. It has been linked to various injuries and infections to body organs and blood vessels
  • Da Vinci Surgical robot: Hospitals use these robots to help make more money from surgeries. But patients have reported torn intestines, blood vessels, and internal organs. There are currently many lawsuits filed against the manufacturer, Intuitive Surgical Inc.
  • Bard IVC Filter: People with blood clots and other blood vessel problems sometimes have this device inserted into the blood vessels to save their lives.  But the success rate of the Bard IVC is negligible. It can cause serious issues such as injury to organs and blood vessels.
  • Essure: This permanent birth control device is permanently implanted in the fallopian tube and works by encouraging the formation of scar tissue that prevents the fertilization of eggs.  They have been associated with serious complications such as ectopic pregnancies, torn organs, autoimmune response, and sometimes death.
  • Mirena IDU: Made by Bayer, this device is designed to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  But the device is linked with scarring and organ perforation.
  • Hernia mesh implants:  These mesh patches are supposed to fix hernias but the coatings on the mesh can cause serious injuries.  The manufacturers allegedly failed to warn doctors and hospitals about the defects.
  • Zimmer knee implants: Manufactured by Zimmer Holdings, these implants have been linked to bone loss that causes extreme pain, metallosis from metal shavings, and may not be as effective as advertised.

There are several other medical device injury cases involving various products from different manufacturers.

Consequences Of Defective Medical Devices

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There are many consequences both physical and financial caused by defective medical devices.  People injured by these devices often have to go through an additional surgery to remove the device.  They also have to deal with the emotions that emerge because of the disability caused by these defective medical devices.

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