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About 20 percent of the nation’s workplace total fatalities are construction worker deaths. That shows just how dangerous working in construction is in this country. While workers have recourse in the form of worker’s compensation and death benefits for their families, Texas laws only offer limited benefits for workers injured or killed in their workplace.

A construction accident lawyer with years of experience defending workers and their families can help explore other legal options for recovering compensation.  Your Houston construction accident lawyer can negotiate settlements and trial verdicts on your behalf and advise you on the options available to you if you are injured at work.

Construction Accident Claims Your Lawyer Can Help With

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Houston Construction Accident LawyerConstruction work is infamous for falls that lead to serious injuries or fatalities.  Most construction workers die or get injured while they are working.  OSHA has strict guidelines to ensure that employers provide fall protection for their construction workers.

A construction accident lawyer can help you file a claim for compensation if you suffered a fall. Your lawyer can also help in situations of exposure to hazardous chemicals, electrocution, and other injuries.

Scaffolding Accidents In Construction

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When the scaffolding in a construction site is built improperly, it can lead to the following accidents:

  • Scaffolding collapse: Scaffolds that are not erected properly may collapse leading to severe injuries for workers using the scaffold and other workers working below the scaffold.  A scaffold collapse may involve the entire structure collapsing or just a section of the structure collapsing. Excess weight can also cause scaffolding to collapse.
  • Falls: A worker may fall from the scaffold if there is no guardrail or the guardrails are installed poorly. Slippery or uneven walkways on the scaffold or tools on the scaffold can also lead to falls.
  • Hit by falling objects: Workers use heavy equipment and tools while they work on a scaffold. These objects can fall from the scaffold and injure workers below that are in the path of the falling object. Falling objects can land on someone and cause serious head injuries, broken bones, and other serious injuries.
  • Electrocution: Foremen must always ensure that they are aware of power lines around the area where the scaffold is erected.  They must account for swaying powerlines and wires that may come into contact with the scaffold.

Several factors may lead to a scaffolding accident such as the quality of the material, the construction of the scaffold, and more.  Your lawyer can investigate the reason why the scaffold collapsed to identify the party you must file a claim against.

What Are Aerial Lift Accidents?

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These are accidents that occur when aerial lifts used in construction sites fail.  This failure may be a result of faulty design and manufacturing.  Telescopic and articulating boom lifts use hydraulic arms to allow workers to access different elevated areas on a construction site.  But they can tip and or collapse if certain parts of the lift are not secured properly.

Other reasons for why these lifts may not work properly include:

  • Overloading
  • Lack of training for people operating the lift and more

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