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Shopping Center Lease

Shopping Center Leases Landlords are more experienced in the area of commercial leasing which means the tenants almost always find themselves at a disadvantage in commercial lease negotiations.  The rental agreement or lease is often written by the landlord, which means that a majority of the provisions will be tilted to favor the landlord.  An […]

Commercial Lease Attorney

Commercial Lease Lawyer Finding the right property is crucial for the success of your business whether you own a diner, a store, or are just looking for office space. However, whether a property or location works for your business relies to a large extent on the lease agreement. The lease agreement determines how long you […]

HOA Attorney

HOA Attorney Houston Homeowners associations work to ensure that home owners in a community of homes such as townhomes, condominiums, subdivisions, or planned communities, stick to HOA standards. They have the authority to enforce regulations and collect assessments from homeowners. The HOA also takes care of the maintenance repairs of areas shared by community members. […]

Houston Real Estate Development Attorney

Real Estate Attorneys Houston Individuals and businesses that develop shopping centers, multi-use buildings, office buildings, factories, and other commercial properties have to conduct a number of transactions. These transactions are complicated by zoning laws, creditors, and other federal and state statutes. An experienced Houston real estate development attorney understands the importance of protecting your real […]

Property Tax Dispute Lawyer

Property Tax Attorney Houston Local governments in Texas impose property taxes on any tangible personal property that produces income. The overall value of the personal property producing income is what determines the amount paid in taxes. Some personal property or business personal property that can be taxed includes equipment, items, and inventories.  Business personal property […]

Adverse Possession In Texas

Texas Adverse Possession Adverse possession is a legal principle that outlines what conditions a party needs to meet in order to claim another person’s property through continuous possession or use. A person can only claim a right to a property through adverse possession if they meet the requirements described by the law. For example, the […]

Quiet Title In Texas

Suit To Quiet Title Texas  A suit to quiet title is a legal procedure to establish a person’s right to ownership of real property against other adverse claimants. It helps clarify the ownership and validity of contracts or liens on a piece of property. An action to quiet title is different from a trespass to […]

Harris County Eviction Process

Tenants oftentimes overstay their welcome; fortunately for landlords, Texas law provides remedies that would allow the landlord to legally remove the tenant. This process is called an eviction. How does eviction in Harris County work? Let’s discuss.  Houston Real Estate Attorneys Article #14 | (832) 509-0445 What is a Texas Eviction? In order to accurately […]

What Does the Title Company Do in a Tx Real Estate Transaction?

There are many parties to a real estate transaction, some more visible than others. One party is extremely important – the title company. What is the title company’s role? What is the title company’s responsibility? This article will visit these questions. Let’s discuss. Texas Real Estate Law 101 | by the Real Estate Lawyers in […]

What is the Texas Series LLC?

Are you looking for a business entity that offers the protection of an LLC with the flexibility to segregate and manage multiple investments? If so, you’ll want to read more about Texas Series LLCs. Our Texas LLC lawyer notes that “they are becoming increasingly popular among real estate investors in Texas,” who value the low […]