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Harris County Eviction Process

Tenants oftentimes overstay their welcome; fortunately for landlords, Texas law provides remedies that would allow the landlord to legally remove the tenant. This process is called an eviction. How does eviction in Harris County work? Let’s discuss.  Houston Real Estate Attorneys Article #14 | (832) 509-0445 What is a Texas Eviction? In order to accurately […]

Trademark vs. Copyright

When one produces unique concepts and products, the creator of these concepts and products would likely want to protect the creation from other individuals copying and reproducing them. Fortunately, federal and state law provide protection for these individualistic creations; two of which are protected by legal concepts called trademark and copyright. What protections do copyright […]

How To Dissolve A Limited Liability Company

In order to form a limited liability company (LLC), certain requirements need to be met. Terminating or dissolving an LLC must also meet additional requirements and procedures. How does one dissolve an LLC? Let’s discuss. Houston, Tx Business Lawyer Articles #12 | (832) 509-0445 When is an LLC Properly Formed? In order for one to […]

What is a Durable Power of Attorney in Texas?

Situations may arise in which one would not be able to make important financial and legal decision. When these situations arise, individuals need to consider who would be ideal for making those decisions. Could one appoint another individual to make those decisions in Texas? Let’s see. Business Law 101 Series, by Top Business Attorneys (832) […]

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

Individuals often have difficulty distinguishing between employees and independent contractors. Understanding these differences are monumentally important for various reasons. What to learn more about these reasons? Let’s discuss. 100 Business Law Articles, by Texas Business Lawyers (832) 509-0445. How do Agencies Differentiate Between Employees and Independent Contractors? Making a determination whether an individual is an […]

What Does the Title Company Do in a Tx Real Estate Transaction?

There are many parties to a real estate transaction, some more visible than others. One party is extremely important – the title company. What is the title company’s role? What is the title company’s responsibility? This article will visit these questions. Let’s discuss. Texas Real Estate Law 101 | by the Real Estate Lawyers in […]

What is the Texas Series LLC?

Real estate investors rarely invest in one property at a time. Instead, these investors will take on the purchase of multiple properties. Fortunately, Texas provides protection for these investors with a business formation called the Texas Series LLC. What is the Texas Series LLC and what protections does it provide? Let’s discuss. Real Estate Law […]

Employment Agreements: Importance Of, Common Types, Reasons For Drafting

Contracts come as one of the most important documents that govern every day life. Among other things, contracts can bind two individuals who want to get married, two or more individuals who agree to buy and sell property, or two individuals who want to initiate a working relationship. This article will discuss employment contracts or […]