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Houston Immigraton Attorney Pegah Rahgozar helps clients navigate the United States Immigration System. She is by your side 100% to ensure you have everything you need to navigate this extremely complicated system. Rahgozar Law will guide you, holding your and each step of the way. You have questions? We have answers. Hiriing our Immigration Law Firm is like working with family.


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Introducing Pegah Rahgozar, one of Houston's most awarded Immigration Lawyers. Call our office now to speak to an attorney about immigration, citizenship, deportation, naturalization, K-1 Visas, K-3 Visas, Visitor Visitors Immigrant and Non-Immigrant visas, and many other immigration topics.

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What Immigration Law Questions Do You Have?

Immigrant Visas

We can help with the application process. Temporary & Permanent visas, and we'll file appeals to contest denials.

Non Immigrant Visas

We can help with the application process. Temporary & Permanent visas, and we'll file appeals to contest denials.

Fiance Visas for both K-1 & K-3 Visas

We can help reunie you with your future spouse by securing special non-immigrat visas to come to the U.S.

EB-5 Investor Visas

W help foreign investors who need to invest funds into certain ventures to secure permanent residency.

Unlawful Presence Waiver & Immigration Pardon

Pegah discusses this topic in her latest YouTube video below.

Houston Deportation Defense

If you are facing deportation, then we can help.

Watch Pegah's latest video on the topic...

Notice of Intent to Deny

Did you receive an N.O.I.D. in the mail from the U.S. Governent?

You'll want to watch our video and click the consult button below.

Green Card Lawyer

Looking to enter or remain in the U.S. permanently? We'll help you with lawful permanent residency. We can also help replace a green card.

Reviews of Houston Immigration Attorney


"We are so fortunate to have her as our lawyer. She is very knowledgeable, professional, and upfront. She CARES a lot and tries her best to resolve any issue. I highly recommend Ms.Rahgozar."

-Zahra Azae, review on Google

"I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Pegah Rahgozar on a Real Estate transaction, and I have realized Ms. Rahgozar is a True Professional and Caring Immigration Lawyer. I will refer all my friends and my clients who are in need of a True Hardworking and Passionate Lawyer to get their US. Visa, or to change their Visa type and Visa status, getting Work Permit in the US, or getting their Permanent Residency Card and / or becoming a US Citizen to establish and settle their family future here in the land of Opportunities, Freedom and Unlimited Possibilities of the United States of America. Thank you Ms. Rahgozar."

-Amir Salehian, review on Google

"Pegah did my initial Green card application and also my removal of conditions application which is still in progress. Calling her an outstanding lawyer is an understatement. She was extremely thorough and meticulous in assembling my case packet and knew exactly what kind of evidence would be required for a strong submission. She listened to all my concerns no matter how trivial and tried to respond to them in a manner that alleviated my concerns. She is extremely intelligent, hard working and well versed in immigration law. She doesn't treat her clients like customers but like her own family and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure the success of their immigration applications. I strongly recommend her!"

-Kashif Naseem, review on Google

"Thank you SO much, your partnership in executing this visa, similar to my prior two experience have been exemplary! I have appreciated your thoroughness, responsiveness, and the ease with which you make this stressful event go so, so smoothly."

-Edward Adams, review on Google